The Foundation of Video Encoding

Squeeze Desktop Lite is a great introduction to what Squeeze has to offer. Simple format conversion enables you to transcode your videos from most formats into the most common online formats with ease, all while keeping the finished product looking as it should. Easily transfer your video from Avid (or other editing software) to publish your video. Great when you need your video file size to be smaller to be sent via email or posted online, but still need the video to look quality. Squeeze Desktop Lite is perfect for students, hobbyists, or producers of MP4 videos.

New Features in Squeeze 11 Lite

  • Import Sequenced Still Image Files (.jpg & .tif)
  • Multi-Track Audio (.mov)
  • Removal of output Frame Rate restrictions (via Source file info Dialog)
  • Updated H.264

Simple Format Conversion

Want to preserve your video’s original properties like resolution, frame rate, or quality? Use presets that will easily convert a video into some of the most common formats at high quality.

NLE Integration

Squeeze Desktop Lite integrates very easily with Avid so you can quickly move from editing to publishing your video.

Professional Audio & Video Filters

Utilize many robust audio and video filters to quickly and easily help you create the look and feel that you want.

Publishing Options

Support to quickly publish your video to Youtube, FTP, Amazon, or other options.